The name is Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Force Chairs Network (LDATFCN)


The Network is open to all serving Chairs of Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Forces in Ireland
Representatives of the LDATF coordinators network will also be members of the LDATFCN. At most, three such representatives will be part of the LDATFCN

Purpose of the Network

The primary purpose of the Network will be to voice the common issues and concerns of Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Forces. The LDATFCN will attempt to bring about positive change in relation to such issues.
The Network will also be a vehicle for building connection between LDATFs in Ireland
The Network will not concern itself with the internal matters of any particular LDATF

The Network will not be politically aligned


The work of the Network will be agreed on an annual basis in an action plan. Each annual action plan will be agreed by the end of the first quarter each year.
The annual workplan will be reflected in the agenda of each LDATFCN meeting and in the TORS of any working groups.
Provision will be made to include in the agenda any common issues which arise in the course of any year which are not covered by the Action Plan, subject to the agreement of the Network.

Relationship with LDATFs

A close working relationship will be maintained between the LDATFCN and LDATFs. This will be expressed through
· Partnership with the LDATF coordinators network and the participation of no more than three coordinators chosen by the coordinators’ network on the LDATFCN.
· Minutes and agendas of the LDATFCN will be available for circulation to all LDATFs and to
the Coordinators Network

The coordinators network will support the work of the LDATFCN administratively.


At least four full meetings of the LDATFN will take place each year. Working groups will be
established as required to carry out actions being progressed through the LDATFCN.
Minutes will be taken at all meetings and circulated in advance of next meetings
The meetings will be chaired by a facilitator external to LDATFs unless otherwise agreed by the LDATFCN
A formal chairperson will be appointed by the LDATFN to speak on behalf of the Network as required
A local Drugs and alcohol task force will be nominated by the Coordinators’ Network to support the LDATFCN administratively as required. Any monies spent in the operation of the LDATF will be administered by this LDATF


Decisions will be made by consensus. In the event that a proposal is divisive the agreement of eight LDATF chairs will be required.


The LDATFCN will operate a proactive PR policy. It will engage with the media only in promotion of actions in the action plan and in ways agreed by the forum.